Tortilla Steamer

I love going to Chipotle and Qdoba for them burritos. I tried making my own burritos at home with some success. I even think I liked the ingredients more than the big chains restaurants. The only thing that I could not do as well as a burrito restaurant was the steaming of the tortilla. They have these big industrial steamer machines that steam up the tortilla and make it super flexible and able to be stuffed with lots of good junk. I tried to mimick this at home by placing a damp paper towl on a plate, putting the tortilla on top of it and placing a second damp paper towl on top of the tortilla. The whole thing went into the microwave for a few seconds. This method's success was very limited. So I decided I wanted to assemble a steamer pot and insert just for tortillas. After a lot of searching around I got the pieces I needed at the correct sizes.

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